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Be Slim FAST weight loss supplement Wsparcie w redukcji masy 60 tab 2 BE SLIM

Be Slim FAST weight loss supplement Wsparcie w redukcji masy 60 tab 2 BE SLIM

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Dietary supplement Colfarm Be Slim FAST provides support in weight reduction and supports the burning of fat. Recommended to all those who want to maintain a slim and attractive figure.


Colfarm Be Slim FAST is a dietary supplement that contains a unique combination of plant extracts from: green coffee, bitter orange, green tea, nettle, cayenne pepper and coffee, and Citroxin ™ - a combination of grapefruit, bitter orange and guarana extracts. Slimming and weight control is supported by the following: green tea, bitter orange, capsaicin and guarana. In turn, capsaicin, bitter orange and green tea support the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates. Capsaicin promotes calorie burning. Green tea helps control appetite and maintain normal glucose levels. Nettle extract provides support for the excretion of water by the kidneys; supports the functioning of the urinary tract and bladder. The green coffee extract contained in the preparation contains 50% chlorogenic acid.


bulking agent: cellulose, nettle extract, green tea leaf extract, coffee extract, Citroxin (bitter orange extract, grapefruit extract, guarana extract), cayenne pepper extract, bulking agent: cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose, extract of green coffee, colorant: titanium dioxide, triglycerides, caprylic-capric triglycerides of palm oil, glazing agent: sorbitol, anti-caking agent: L silicon dioxide, glazing agents: aluminum silicate, potassium, polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, gum arabic

content in 1 tablet:
CITROXIN ™ - 75 mg, including:
- Bitter orange extract containing 6% synephrine - 35 mg
- Grapefruit extract - 25 mg
- Guarana extract - 15 mg, including:
22% caffeine based on dried guarana - 135 mg
Green coffee extract - 15 mg,  including:
- 50% chlorogenic acid calculated as green coffee - 150 mg
DER 5: 1 green tea leaf extract - 175 mg, including :
- 45% polyphenols expressed as dried green tea leaves - 875 mg
Coffee extract (95% COFFEINA, 125 mg) - 132 mg
Cayenne pepper extract, including 8% capsaicin - 40 mg Nettle herb extract - 228 mg in calculated as dried nettle herb - 1368 mg 


It is recommended to use 1 tablet twice a day about 30 minutes before meals. Drink with plenty of water.
Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.

Important information:
The preparation contains caffeine. Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women.
Store at room temperature, in a dry place and out of reach of small children.


60 tablets
Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day. Dietary supplements should be stored out of reach of small children. Before using the product, we suggest you read the detailed information on the packaging or the attached leaflet."