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AA Age Technology 5Repair  Tightening eye cream Gold treatment krem pod oczy

AA Age Technology 5Repair Tightening eye cream Gold treatment krem pod oczy

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Have you already tried a large amount of cosmetics, which, according to the information provided by the manufacturer, should work wonders on your face, but in fact they have not even slightly improved the appearance of thin skin? Meet the tightening and nourishing eye cream Golden Treatment 60+ AA The technology of the 5Repair age, whose multi-active formula works perfectly from the very first application.

The recipe was enriched with three excellent active substances. 24K colloidal gold is responsible for supporting natural collagen synthesis, regenerating the skin, delaying the aging process and reducing wrinkles. Bio-ceramide intensively elasticizes and smoothes the epidermis, improves its tone and firmness. Cross-linked calcium ions strengthen and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes, restoring optimal hydration and smoothness. The preparation has been dermatologically tested on people who suffer from allergic skin diseases. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about any irritation.

Tightening and nourishing eye cream Gold treatment 60+ AA Age technology 5Repair offers effective stopping of the aging process and the unsightly changes it causes.

How to use: Apply a portion of the cream on cleansed and dry skin around the eyes, then pat gently with your fingers. For full care, use together with the rich firming and strengthening cream Golden Treatment 60+ AA 5Repair Age Technology.