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AA Age technology Sensitive skin  Moisturizing cream Krem nawilzajaco

AA Age technology Sensitive skin Moisturizing cream Krem nawilzajaco

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Every time you look in the mirror, do you see many protruding skins that are unsightly collecting makeup? Your skin requires special care and can only be provided by a moisturizing and protective AA cream. Age Technology Sensitive skin.

Polish specialists have combined valuable active ingredients and created a specific that will be perfect for sensitive skin, prone to allergies and extremely prone to damage. Glycerin phenomenally binds water, which results in restoring the optimal level of hydration and reducing annoying burning and discomfort. Allantoin is responsible for soothing irritations, reducing redness and irritation. Vitamin E effectively gets rid of free radicals, rejuvenates and restores velvety softness. The formula is enriched by the multi-component MLS microlipid system, which creates a barrier that seals the cell cohesion and increases the skin's tolerance to external factors.

Already after the first application of the 24 AA moisturizing and protective cream Age technology Sensitive skin you will notice a visible difference in the appearance and condition of the epidermis.

Usage: Make-up removal using AA micellar fluid Age technology Sensitive skin. Then pat a little of the cosmetic into the skin and let it absorb.