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AA Age technology Sensitive skin  soothing facial irritations krem kojacy

AA Age technology Sensitive skin soothing facial irritations krem kojacy

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If your face is prone to irritation, dries quickly and becomes rough easily, and you are allergic, the AA brand has created the perfect cosmetic for you. Nourishing soothing cream from the Age of Technology series. Sensitive skin was developed on the basis of the best ingredients and then subjected to rigorous dermatological tests. It does not contain parabens, artificial colors, fragrances or allergens.

The preparation comprehensively cares for demanding skin. It contains silencing components such as allantoin or D-panthenol. The latter, together with vitamin E, effectively accelerates its regeneration, making it smooth and soft as a result. Glycerin moisturizes the epidermis and protects it against water loss, while the innovative MLS microlipid system strengthens its cellular cohesion and makes it resistant to negative external factors.

Nourishing AA cream soothing irritation, included in the Age Technology series Sensitive skin, will calm your skin and protect it against harmful environmental influences. You can trust him.

Usage: Massage a small amount of the preparation into the face, neck and cleavage skin with purified soothing AA micellar fluid. Age-sensitive skin technology. Use in the morning and / or evening or whenever necessary.