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AA Emoji  Mattifying cream for the day of Check and Mat! Krem matujacy

AA Emoji Mattifying cream for the day of Check and Mat! Krem matujacy

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One of the biggest problems of youthful skin is the excessive amount of sebum secreted, and thus, uncontrolled shine of the skin. To effectively remedy this, reach for the Shah day matting cream and mat by AA from the Emoji series. The cosmetic reduces the visibility of pores, provides long-lasting hydration and protects against UVA and UVB priming.

The cream has an extremely light texture that is quickly absorbed and ensures optimal hydration. The formula with active ingredients will make your skin perfectly matte, fresh and smooth. Jania Rubens algae extract deeply nourishes, retains and binds moisture in cells, as well as provides them with valuable minerals. Azelaic acid helps get rid of imperfections, heals inflammation, absorbs excess sebum and reduces the appearance of pores. The Super Matt system does not allow excessive shine, guaranteeing long hours of tarnish. In turn, borage seed oil improves skin elasticity, strengthens its lipid barrier and gets rid of toxins from pores.

Mattifying cream for the day of Check and Mat! AA Emoji is an effective remedy for oily and stale skin. All you need to do is apply the product in the morning, and your face will be fresh and perfectly matte throughout the day.

How to use: Apply a portion of the cream on a cleansed and dry face, then pat thoroughly. Use every morning. Also try the AA Emoji Soothing Moisturizing Mask.