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AA Help  Moisturizing day cream for atopic skin krem na dzien

AA Help Moisturizing day cream for atopic skin krem na dzien

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Hypersensitive, atopic and allergic skin needs specialized care that will not worsen its condition, on the contrary - it will soothe irritation, normalize the condition of the epidermis and nourish it. For people who do not tolerate most drugstore products, AA Help Moisturizing Cream For Atopic Skin has been created. Thanks to it, your skin will feel real relief and pleasant relaxation, which you will not experience after applying other substances.

The product is devoid of any elements that may adversely affect the delicate and atopic skin - so you will not find fragrances, dyes, allergens and preservatives in it. Instead, gentle natural components have been hidden in a light emulsion. Borage oil accelerates the elimination of acne, reduces damage to the epidermis and heals inflammation, as well as regenerates and nourishes the skin. Glycerin slows down water loss because it creates a protective barrier on the surface. Cucurbitin soothes irritations, and olive squalane and vitamin E rejuvenate the epidermis and lubricate it.

The AA Help Moisturizing Cream For Atopic Skin is an effective remedy for all problems of sensitive, delicate and atopic skin. Thanks to the Polish recipe and non-irritating formula, you can take care of your appearance in a comprehensive and safe way.

How to use: Gently pat a small amount of the cosmetic into the cleansed skin of the face and neck. Use in the morning and evening.