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AA Hydro Sorbet  Moisturizing nourishing cream for dry skin krem od?ywczy

AA Hydro Sorbet Moisturizing nourishing cream for dry skin krem od?ywczy

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Dry skin is extremely susceptible to the adverse effects of the environment, and external factors affect not only its appearance, but also its condition. Hydro Sorbet moisturizing nourishing cream is a spectacular proposition of the Polish brand AA, which will be perfect for the mouths of even the most demanding customers.

The light formula of this product quickly penetrates into the cellular structure, sequentially hydrating each layer of the skin. There, it strengthens the binding of water molecules, which translates into a reduction in their excretion. The epidermis becomes soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch and solidly protected against impurities. The preparation was created on the basis of the multi-level Dynamic Moisture 24h system, which reduces water loss and maintains optimal mouth moisture throughout the day. Acerola extract, as a rich source of vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and stimulates collagen synthesis. Passion flower oil nourishes the epidermis and accelerates its renewal.

Your mouth needs immediate rebuilding? This will provide AA moisturizing nourishing cream from the Hydro Sorbet series.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product on cleansed face skin. Pat thoroughly and leave to absorb. Also try the multi-moisturizing matting cream for combination skin AA Hydro Sorbet.