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AA  Illuminating mask for normal skin Red clay & tranexamic acid maska do cery

AA Illuminating mask for normal skin Red clay & tranexamic acid maska do cery

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Unaesthetic redness and uneven skin tone? Imperfections? In some places it is dry and flaky, and in others it is shiny? Even out and fix it up with the Red Clay and AA Tranexamic Acid Illuminating Mask for combination to normal skin.

The action of the cosmetic is based on red clay, rich in valuable microelements and mineral salts. Thanks to it, the mask deeply cleans, removing toxins, excessively produced sebum and impurities of external origin. Additionally, it strengthens blood vessels, preventing red spots. The skin becomes velvety smooth and its color is even. This effect is enhanced by tranexamic acid, which brightens pigmentation discoloration. The epidermis, thanks to the nutritional richness of red clay, regenerates faster and shows greater resistance to inflammation. This means less breakouts. Thanks to the regained balance, the skin is less prone to shine. Thanks to the Anti-Pollution Complex, it gains additional protection against the aging effects of free radicals.

Illuminating mask for combination and normal skin Red clay and AA tranexamic acid are a great enrichment for home skin care treatments. Used regularly, it maintains its good condition, and therefore beautiful appearance.

How to use: Apply to pre-cleansed facial skin. Spread evenly, avoiding the eye area and leave for about 10 minutes. After this time, rinse with lukewarm water. If necessary, also use it on the neck and cleavage. Apply regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Also try micellar make-up remover Japanese charcoal and vitamins C and E AA.