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AA Intymna + Help  Emulsion for intimate hygiene Emulsja do higieny

AA Intymna + Help Emulsion for intimate hygiene Emulsja do higieny

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Intimate areas are particularly prone to irritation, the occurrence of unpleasant odors, itching and burning sensations associated with fungal and bacterial infections. Bring a balance in the natural protective barrier and long-lasting freshness with the use of AA intimate hygiene lotion from the Intymna series. The packaging with a convenient pump will facilitate dosing of the substance.

The cosmetic, thanks to the moisturizing and soothing irritation formula, prevents inflammation and infection. It leaves you feeling fresh and comfortable. Lactic acid restores the natural microflora, ensuring the proper pH of the skin. Ingredients with antifungal and antibacterial properties increase the skin's protective properties. Allantoin and D-panthenol support the regeneration of damaged epidermis, betaine prevents drying of the mucosa.

AA Intymna brand intimate hygiene emulsion is a very gentle and safe preparation for women who want to maintain the comfort of particularly sensitive areas. The product was positively assessed by the Polish Gynecological Society.

How to use: Apply a portion of the emulsion on your hand, then spread it thoroughly in intimate places. Rinse thoroughly with water. Also try AA Intimate Intimate Wipes.