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AA Japan Rituals  Cream face mask Moisturizing ritual maska do twarzy

AA Japan Rituals Cream face mask Moisturizing ritual maska do twarzy

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Has your complexion recently lost its attractive appearance, has become dry, dull and devoid of energy? It is no wonder that the smile disappeared from your face and you stopped feeling confident when meeting friends. Get a cream face mask AA Japan Rituals moisturizing ritual that will significantly slow down the aging process and help you regain a fantastic face.

The formula was filled with beneficial active substances. Contains avocado oils, Sacha Inchi, borage seeds, pennywort extracts, green tea, oat seeds, calendula and shea butter. These components make it specifically intensely moisturize all layers of the skin, prevent excessive drying, and maintain optimal moisture. Clearly improves the degree of elasticity of the epidermis, tightens it, firms and smoothes its uneven structure. The preparation perfectly soothes irritation and redness on the skin, improves the condition of the skin and ensures its perfect appearance.

With the creamy face mask AA Japan Rituals Moisturizing Ritual you will regain youthful vitality and get rid of unpleasant dryness.

How to use: Apply the mask on clean skin of the face, avoiding the eye area. After about 15 minutes, massage in the leftovers or leave to absorb overnight. Reach for the body hydrobalam AA Japan Rituals moisturizing ritual.