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AA Sensitive  Rollon antiperspirant for sensitive skin kulce do skory

AA Sensitive Rollon antiperspirant for sensitive skin kulce do skory

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The drugstores have a large amount of cosmetics designed for sensitive skin care. It is very difficult to find one that will stand out for its immediate, safe and long-lasting deodorizing effect. Antiperspirant ball for sensitive skin AA Sensitive is ideal for people struggling with skin prone to frequent irritation and redness.

The specificity is distinguished by multidirectional action. First of all, it guarantees extremely effective protection against sweating both during increased physical activity and during stressful moments. Allows you to keep the fragrance fresh for 24 hours. Its delicate formula is easy to apply, soothes skin irritations, moisturizes and prevents overdrying. The preparation protects clothes against the appearance of spots and moist traces of sweat, masks its unpleasant odor, so you will feel confident in every situation.

AA Sensitive Antiperspirant Roll-on for Sensitive Skin has a hypoallergenic formula free from artificial dyes, parabens, alcohol and irritating odors.

How to use: Apply a thin layer on dry and cleansed skin. Get ready for a gentle 2 in 1 cleansing milk AA Age technology Sensitive skin.