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Anida Kwasna Water in Gel 100ml Kwasna Woda  zel

Anida Kwasna Water in Gel 100ml Kwasna Woda zel

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Topical gel for skin with cooling, astringent and anti-edema properties.Aluminum acetate tartrate has astringent and anti-edema effect. Menthol cools and relieves pain. The specially selected composition of the gel components brings relief to swollen skin with visible bruises, after injuries and insect bites, soothes the effects of bruises. Indications: for topical application to the skin with cooling, astringent, anti-edema properties. How to use: Cover the changed places with a layer of gel and leave to evaporate. Use 3 to 4 times a day at intervals of several hours for a period of 10 days. Main ingredients: mountain arnica, horse chestnut, Asian pennywort, calendula and menthol.