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Bielenda Hand and Foot Mask for Night 75ml

Bielenda Hand and Foot Mask for Night 75ml

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Bielenda Paraffin Night Treatment Mask for Hand and Feet 75ml


Innovative Bielenda rejuvenating formula guarantees deep and intensive regeneration and hydration of dry patches on hands, feet, and heels. Intensively smooths out and firms the skin, lubricates and gently warms up, as well as improves condition of nails.

Youthfully smooth and maintained hands without discolouration

Optimally regenerated, soft, and rejuvenated feet.

Apply a cream on dry hands and feet at the evening. For 30 minutes wrap in warm towel or put on special gloves and socks. Then massage in until the product gets absorbed. Use at least 3 times a week.