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Dax Men Anti-Aging Face Cream Soothing After Shave 50ml

Dax Men Anti-Aging Face Cream Soothing After Shave 50ml

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"Anti-wrinkle face cream for men, for all skin types. It gradually reduces wrinkles, is easily absorbed, and does not leave an oily film on the skin.

Provides regeneration of microdamages and irritation on the face, resulting from shaving, by soothing and soothing the skin, thanks to properly selected ingredients.

GINSENE ROOT EXTRACT: antioxidant, revitalizing, regenerating, rejuvenating, facilitates skin renewal
D-PANTENOL: has moisturizing properties, has soothing effects, soothes skin irritation
PEPTIDE COMPLEX:a combination of two peptides for a strong anti-wrinkle effect; reduces the volume and depth of deep wrinkles, reduces skin roughness, improves its elasticity and tension.
SuperMAT: absorbs excess sebum and perfectly mattes the skin"