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Ekamedica Gel Zivodka + Aloe 200ml Zel Zyworodka

Ekamedica Gel Zivodka + Aloe 200ml Zel Zyworodka

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EKAMEDICA gel with resin film and aloe vera 200 ml

Bioactive Featherfish Gel enriched with aloe vera extract works well for cracked epidermis on hands and calluses on feet. The gel owes its effect to the natural properties of the extract of feathery and aloe vera. These plants have a wide regenerative effect. Allantoin contained in the gel accelerates the reconstruction of damaged epidermis. Bioactive gel stabilizes the skin's hydrolipid balance, restores its proper level of hydration and elasticity.

Product for external use. Do not use around the nose, eyes and mouth.


Apply externally at least twice a day or more depending on your needs.