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Elisium UV Gel  Gelpaint for nail art zdobienia paznokci

Elisium UV Gel Gelpaint for nail art zdobienia paznokci

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Do you dream of a crazy and unique manicure? Are you preparing an unforgettable party where you want to present yourself phenomenally? If you want to get unique designs on your nails, do not hesitate and stock up on Elisium UV Gel nail paint.

The product has high pigmentation. It is resistant to abrasion and chipping and guarantees phenomenal possibilities of creating creations on the nails. The paint allows creating unlimited styles. They can be successfully mixed between the available colors. The thick substance is contained in a tightly closed jar, which does not spill during transport.

With the Elisium UV Gel nail art paint you will improve your styling skills in no time.

Usage: On the previously applied hybrid varnish, apply the product at your discretion and create fancy designs. Fix it all in a UV lamp. You should also get Elisium Builder Gel Clear.