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EnJee - Almond Seed Oil  20 ML

EnJee - Almond Seed Oil 20 ML

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"EnJeeBody Care
Almond seed oil
Age: 18+
Purpose: nutrition, hydration
Application time: universal
Gender: unisex
Classification: pharmacy
Country TM: Ukraine
Made in: Ukraine
Volume: 100ml
Description Almond seed oil
In the beauty arsenal of any girl, natural oils must be present without fail, because with their help you can solve many different problems with skin and hair, keeping them in perfect condition. One of the most versatile oils is almond seed oil. Choosing this remedy from the Ukrainian brand EnJee, you will get rid of inflammation, fine wrinkles, dry skin, as well as fragility of strands and split ends.
Features of EnJee Almond Seed Oil:
- intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair;
- smoothes wrinkles and increases the elasticity of the epidermis;
- soothes inflammation;
- reduces dark circles under the eyes and relieves puffiness;
- prevents split ends;
- gives hair softness and natural shine;
- strengthens the strands and stimulates their growth;
- can be used to moisturize the periungual skin.
Mode of application
Cosmetic oil can be applied in pure form directly to cleansed skin of the face and around the eyes with light massage movements."