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Nailner sztyft do leczenia grzybicy paznokci 2w1 4ml treatment of onychomycosis

Nailner sztyft do leczenia grzybicy paznokci 2w1 4ml treatment of onychomycosis

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Nailner stick for the treatment of onychomycosis, 2in1, 4ml - product description
Nailner stick 2in1 is a medical device intended for the treatment and prevention of onychomycosis. The liquid contained in the stick saturates the keratin layer and penetrates deep into the nail plate and lowers the pH. Then it changes the nail environment to unfavorable for fungi. In addition, the Nailner stick contains a brightening ingredient that helps improve the appearance of the infected nail. Thanks to the moisturizing component, the preparation improves the condition and appearance of dry and damaged nails.

Application: treatment of onychomycosis; prophylactically to prevent nail fungal infections.

How to use: clean the nail and wash the cosmetic varnish before each application. There is no need to saw the nail plate before using the preparation. Apply twice a day for four weeks, and then once a day until a healthy nail has grown into the damaged area. The product should be spread over the entire surface of the nail, including its lower edge (from the bottom of the nail). The Nailner stick can also be used once a day for prevention.

Ingredients: ethyl lactate, glycerin, water, lactic acid, resacetophenone, citric acid.

Important tips:
The preparation can be used in children after a doctor's diagnosis of onychomycosis.

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