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Silcare  Nail and cuticle oil with flowers skorek z kwiatami

Silcare Nail and cuticle oil with flowers skorek z kwiatami

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Your hands must be perfect so that you feel feminine and confident. Therefore, before you start creating unique compositions using varnishes, reach for nail and cuticle oil with Silcare flowers.

A ball-shaped bottle and a special pipette facilitate application and give the opportunity to apply the preparation to the entire surface of the plate. This allows nutrients and moisturizers to reach their destination without difficulty. They stimulate the reconstruction of damaged structure, strengthen and harden it, and accelerate growth. The formula is rich in proteins and vitamins that support regeneration processes. They also prevent brittleness and splitting.

Silcare nail and cuticle oil is eye-catching. The original appearance and formula make the specificity you will surely like. Try it and strengthen your nails, as well as prepare them for other preparations.

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount of the preparation on a clean, dry nail surface and massage in, then leave to absorb. Also try Silcare cuticle butter.