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Silcare Quin  Dry nail oil olejek do paznokci

Silcare Quin Dry nail oil olejek do paznokci

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Healthy and strong nails and well-groomed skin around them is the business card of an elegant woman. Unfortunately, the external factors that your hands are exposed to every day weaken their condition and deprive them of their beautiful appearance. To prevent this, provide them with optimal care and protection in the form of Silcare Quin dry nail oil.

The beneficial formula of the cosmetic is a composition of valuable oils - peach, soybean and grape seed oils - and moisturizing emollients. The specificity is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily layer, and also softens and smoothes the skin. The valuable microelements contained in it intensively nourish, stimulate regeneration and protect against aggressive stimuli, strengthening plaques and preventing their fragility. In addition, the preparation makes the nails more elastic and shiny.

Dry Silcare Quin oil will surround your tiles and skins with the best care, thanks to which they will delight not only with beautiful appearance, but also with amazing vitality.

How to use: Massage a small amount into the cuticles and nail plate. Also try hand cream with urea and vitamin E for dry and sensitive Silcare Quin skin.