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Silcare Quin Hands Serum Q10  Serum with coenzyme Q10 for hands z koenzymem

Silcare Quin Hands Serum Q10 Serum with coenzyme Q10 for hands z koenzymem

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The path to soft, good-looking hands does not have to be long and winding. It is enough to choose the right cosmetic for daily care to enjoy a youthful appearance and healthy skin tone. By using the Silcare Quin Hands Serum Q10 serum regularly, you will get exactly this effect without much effort and resources.

The most important component of the preparation is coenzyme Q10, which contributes to the disappearance of fine wrinkles and shallow deep ones. It also has an antioxidant effect, counteracts free radicals and protects against UV radiation. The recipe also contains moisturizing glycerin, smoothing hydrolyzed silk and vitamin E, which effectively inhibits the aging process, nourishes and regenerates. Daily use of the serum significantly improves the elasticity of the skin on the hands, removes unpleasant tension, softens and smoothes, and also envelops the hands for a long time with a pleasant perfumery and floral scent.

See for yourself that thanks to the serum with coenzyme Q10 Silcare Quin Hands Serum Q10 you can enjoy hands that are as soft as silk, free from signs of the passage of time!

How to use: Massage into clean, dry hand skin until absorbed. Also try the Silcare Hands Spot Out Tanning Removal Serum that reduces discoloration.