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STARAZOLIN HYDROBALANCE Tired Irritated Eye Drops krople do oczu 2 x 5ml VISINE

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Description Starazolin Complete is sterile eye drops, containing sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol, without preservatives. Action Sodium hyaluronate is a natural substance found in the human body, e.g. in a tear film (tears). Dexopanthenol is a substance belonging to the group of B vitamins, supporting the properties of sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients quickly, intensively and long-lastingly moisturize, support regeneration, protect and refresh and care for the eye surface. The drops restore the natural balance of hydration of the eyes, protect against re-drying and contribute to maintaining them in good condition. Starazolin Complete contains sodium hyaluronate - a natural substance that creates an even, durable and long-lasting layer on the surface of the eye, protecting against irritation and re-drying. The layer has no negative effect on vision. The composition of Starazolin Compiete contains: sodium hyaluronate 0.2%; dexopanthenol 2%; sodium citrate dihydrate; citric acid monohydrate; highly purified water