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Sulsena  Vitamin oil that strengthens hair bulbs stymulujacy wzrost wlosow

Sulsena Vitamin oil that strengthens hair bulbs stymulujacy wzrost wlosow

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Are you perfectly aware that ordinary care is definitely not enough to enjoy a phenomenal hairstyle? You will need specialized cosmetics that will help you solve many problems. One of the better ones is the Sulsena vitamin oil which strengthens the bulbs and stimulates hair growth.

The basis of the specificity is olive oil with a high penetrating ability, which instantly delivers active ingredients to the structure of the strands. Castor oil moisturizes, nourishes, normalizes the secretion of sebum, improves blood flow to the roots and stimulates the growth of new strands. Lavender oil has a beneficial effect on metabolism in the hair follicles and maintains a healthy condition of the root system. Geranium oil neutralizes free radicals and delays the aging process. Sea buckthorn fruit extract increases hair density. Chamomile flower extract has regenerative properties. In turn, the extract of red pepper contains capsaicin, which is designed to warm the scalp, improve the penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the epidermis and prevent strands from falling out.

Vitamin oil strengthening hair bulbs and stimulating hair growth Sulsena will restore sensational volume to your hairstyle.

Usage: Apply a few drops to the scalp, massage for 3 minutes, put on a plastic cap. After about 2 hours, wash your head thoroughly with shampoo. Use 3 times a week for amazing results. for 3 months. Also try Sulsen's anti-dandruff shampoo.