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Tolpa amaranth glazing milk  MINI body nectar 50 ml nektar do ciala

Tolpa amaranth glazing milk MINI body nectar 50 ml nektar do ciala

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Every day you try to do a lot for the perfect condition and beautiful appearance - a balanced diet and physical activity ensure perfect well-being and attractiveness. Their beneficial effects should be intensified by putting on organic care with the moisturizing body milk nectar Tolpa Botanic Amarantus.

Its task is to strengthen the skin's protective barrier and minimize transpidermal water loss. The advantage of the preparation is the physiological pH and recipe free of parabens, silicones, allergens and paraffin oil. The velvety, pleasantly fragrant formula quickly saturates the epidermis with carefully selected ingredients, among which the key role is played by comprehensively regenerating tolpa peat. Their action is strengthened by a urea derivative, which effectively protects against drying. Regular application of the milk results in a perfectly moisturized, elastic and silky smooth skin.

Discover how healthy your skin can look with Tolpa Botanic Amarantus nectar milk.

How to use: Apply the right amount to clean skin. Gently massage with circular motions towards the top. Leave it until completely absorbed. Apply in the morning and evening. Try also the Tolpa Botanic Amarantus moisturizing face brightening mask.