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AA Hydro Intense  Vanilla protective lipstick ochronna do ust

AA Hydro Intense Vanilla protective lipstick ochronna do ust

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Bad weather, strong rays of the sun, frost, insufficient amount of liquids drunk ... The mouth is drying up for many reasons. To restore immediate comfort, be sure to use AA Hydro Intense Vanilla Lipstick.

It's a little stick of hydration. The cosmetic contains a formula with shea butter, this ingredient is responsible for hydration. Thanks to it, lips remain soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Made to smile. It is an ideal product for everyday use - it leaves an invisible protective layer on the skin of the lips, which will shield you from harmful external factors. Importantly, the AA Hydro Intense vanilla lipstick works not only preventively, but also intervening. When applied to chapped, cracked lips, it accelerates the regeneration process and immediately removes the feeling of tightness and burning.

The preparation has a light texture, does not stick and smells great - the delicate scent of vanilla will accompany you at every step.

How to use: Apply a thin layer. Use whenever you need to. You may also like Raspberry AA Caring Lip Oil Raspberry.