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Agor Notte Cibo Night Face Cream  Night cream for dry normal skin 2ml

Agor Notte Cibo Night Face Cream Night cream for dry normal skin 2ml

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AgorNotte Night cream for dry and normal skin Agor Notte Cibo Night Face Cream (sample) Age: 18+ Application time: night Classification: natural Purpose: recovery, from irritation, moisturizing Gender: for women Skin type: normal, dry Made in: Ukraine Country TM: Ukraine Description Night cream for dry and normal skin The product contains AQUAXYL ™ - an innovative herbal moisturizing complex that perfectly restores water balance, eliminates irritation and flaking. The active components of the product restore the skin structure, reduce transepidermal moisture loss, normalize the sebaceous glands and restore the beneficial microflora of the skin. Camellia oil in the composition of the product provides nutrition, moisturizes, maintaining the necessary level of life-giving moisture in the cells of the epidermis, regenerates and tones. In addition, Agor Notte Cibo Night Face Cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles, improves protective function, reduces the risk of pigmentation and the formation of freckles, eliminates scars, acne and blackheads. * - components of plant origin Mode of application It is applied in a thin layer along the massage lines after cleansing or toning on the still damp skin. Composition Marshmallow root hydrolat *, green tea hydrolat *, Japanese camellia oil *, amaranth oil *, rosehip oil (mosquito rose) *, stearin olivate *, sorbitan olivate *, borage oil *, jojoba oil *, AquaxylTM *, cocoa butter *, trehalose *, Japanese kelp extract *, sea buckthorn extract *, D-panthenol, vit. E, vegetable glycerin *, lactobionic acid *, mannan cognac gum *, bourbon vanilla extract *, benzyl alcohol *, lactic acid, lemon petitgrain essential oil *, potassium sorbate *, ethylhexylglycerin *, citric acid *.