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Bione Cosmetics Honey + Q10  Hair water with royal jelly Woda do wlosow

Bione Cosmetics Honey + Q10 Hair water with royal jelly Woda do wlosow

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Have you been looking for a cosmetic that will perfectly complement your hair care ritual? Do you care about safe and effective action that will bring immediate results? Get water with Bione Cosmetics Honey + Q10 royal jelly, which was created for dry and weak hair that needs immediate regeneration.

The cosmetic is based on beneficial royal jelly, which has a strong regenerative, antioxidant and antibacterial effect. It protects strands against the dangerous influence of environmental factors and ionizing radiation, reduces burdensome breaking and crushing, gives softness, elasticity and enhances the color of dyed hair. The composition does not contain harmful and allergic substances and fragrances. After applying the product, your strands will acquire stunning volume, density and become susceptible to styling and combing.

Bione Cosmetics Honey + Q10 hair water with royal jelly is a modern and natural way to regain an amazing hairstyle.

Usage: Apply a small amount of the cosmetic to previously washed strands. Massage it in and let it absorb. Do not rinse off. Try also 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner for hair Honey and coenzyme Q10 Bione Cosmetics Honey + Q10 2in1 Shampoo And Conditioner.