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Elisium Rainbow Dust  Nail pollen Pylek do paznokci PURPLE

Elisium Rainbow Dust Nail pollen Pylek do paznokci PURPLE

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Your boring manicure is perfect for everyday work, but not for the longed-for vacation? Do you want to go crazy and get full color? Instead of reaching only for hybrid varnishes, use the special Elisium Rainbow Dust nail powder, which is characterized by versatile action.

A small, plastic jar hides phenomenal particles, available in spring colors of pink, purple and green. The cosmetic allows you to create unique stylizations. It is easy to apply. Just gently rub it into the dispersion layer or sprinkle it with unhardened hybrid varnish and it will boost its color or change the current color perfectly. It shimmers fantastically in the rays of the sun. It works well not only for professional use, but also for people starting their adventure with hybrid manicure.

Elisium Rainbow Dust nail pollen will bring back happy memories of warm evenings.

How to use: Sprinkle the uncured varnish with pollen or rub it into the dispersion layer. Finish with a hot thread. Also reach for Watermelon and Mango Cuticle Oil Elisium Cuticle Oil Watermelon & Mango.